domingo, 8 de diciembre de 2013

RE: Time for a base hit.


I hope your weekend is going great.

When I first started out in Internet Marketing I read about

All these guru's making millions of dollars and I couldn't make

enough to pay for beer, yet alone a life style.

My girlfriend at the time said something I'll never forget, she said

"you just need some base hits".  Looking back she was completely right, I

was so focused on the big ticket it always seemed impossible to think I would

get there, so I didn't get anywhere for the first year or so, except burned out and

slightly pissed off.

That's why I am sending you this now, maybe you need a few base hits to get going

and this can be the first one.  Let's face it your not going to make Donald Trump

jealous and your friends aren't going to be asking about your new jet, but you can

make some extra money with very little effort and maybe this can be your base hit

that sets you off down the right path.

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Talk Soon,

Missy Klien

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